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Detail Discussion Before Handling Leaky Chimneys

Jun 28


While leaks from your roof can occur wherever on your roof they usually occur around chimneys, vents skylights and other roof penetrations around the roof.

Leaks in a chimney could quickly become costly issues. Ceiling stains, drywall warping insulation saturation, the growth of mold, and even the destruction of the interior of your house.


Do not make the mistake of ignoring small leaks and risking serious damage in the process, in the event that you spot your chimney's pipes are leaking in bad weather.

Chimneys can be prone to leak

What are the causes of chimney leaks?


Five Reasons Chimney Leaks Are Common:

  • Chimney cap not present or damaged

  • Crown of the chimney is cracked

  • Problems with flashing

  • Leaky bricks

  • A faulty chimney liner

Another reason is that chimneys may form cracks and crevices with time, allowing water to penetrate them. In addition, the sections made of metal that are applied to the seams between the chimney and roof, referred to as roof flashing, may come in pieces or break as a result of extreme winds and other unfavorable weather.


A poor chimney flashing installation can also cause roof deterioration. A faulty chimney flashing installation can cause chimney leaks. Poorly installed flashing allows moisture into the roof's interior, rather than keeping snow and rain out of the seams. Water seepage can lead to mildew, mold and premature aging of the roof.

How to handle Leaky Chimneys - Repairs and Inspection Tips

What are you able to do to sure your roof is in good repair? Begin by hiring a tile roof phoenix to inspect your structure then handle repairs quickly.


Your chimney will be assessed by the roofer who arrives.


  • Broken bricks and stones

  • Loose mortar joints

  • Cracks around the chimney foundation

  • Flashing is degrading

A thorough inspection of your house will tell you the presence of leaks. These include skylights, chimneys vents and flashing. Advosy Roofing can provide professional assistance with roof tile repair Phoenix. If the chimney material isn't damaged, the issue could be caused by flashing damage. Flashing is a form of metal placed on top of the chimney's base and covered with shingles to prevent water from entering the chimney. Some flashing can be repaired however if it displays signs of rust or conditions, your builder may require removing shingles to install new flashing.

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